Your Questions Answered.

Hopefully we’ve manage to answer all of the most common questions about the bus and our services but never fear if we’ve missed your question out. All you need to do is drop us a line and we’ll get back to you in record time with an answer!

How many people can you fit on the bus?

None. The bus cannot accommodate guests even when it's stationary. There's a handful of seats for staff when we’re driving to a venue, downstairs we have the bar which is only accessible to staff and upstairs is the stage where the band, DJ or performers will be.

Can I hire just the stage or just the bar?

Sure, if you only need essentially a mobile bar for your event, or perhaps you already have caterers running the drinks, it's no problem and will be reflected in the price. Just let us know when you make your enquiry.

What are the electricity requirements of the bus?

We need a single 13amp regular socket to plug the bus into but we can bring a generator if mains power is not available. We normally charge a little extra to cover the cost of the generator but ideally we prefer mains power as it’s cleaner and quieter. When you make your enquiry, you can let us know if mains power will be available.

What time does the bar close?

The bar can stay open as late as you need it to but you will need to declare the time you want when you fill out your Temporary Event Notice for the council. We’re happy to run the bar until the early hours but the closing time the council will agree to is dependent on factors such as proximity to residential areas. You will have to think carefully about what time your council is likely to agree to based on the event type and location.

What’s a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) and do I need one?

You need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice if the premises at which you’ll be holding your event are not licensed. There will always be a licensed member of staff running the bar who is allowed to sell alcholic beverages, but the premises require this temporary license by law. It costs £21 at the time of writing and you can find all the answers to your questions about TEN’s on the government website. It’s simple and easy to apply for a TEN and we advise that you get one as soon as you’ve confirmed your venue as you need to apply 10 days in advance of the event at a bare minimum.