Tell me about your vintage stage bus and bar…

OK then. Keep reading to find out about our vintage bus, it’s stage and sound system and the built-in bar

The Bar

Downstairs, we have a fully equipped bar with on-board refridgeration, optics, all the usual things you’d expect to see in your local pub. The bar is only available as part of a private hire package and only we can staff it as it needs to be run by a licensed individual.

Drinks are served through a hatch on the side of the bus directly beneath the stage.

The Stage

On the top floor of the double decker bus is the stage. There are no seats upstairs as the bus has been designed as an entertainment platform. Normally, the band or the DJ will perform up there but we’ve also used the stage as a platform for speaking to large audiences, recitals (musical and poetic) and small scale theatre productions.

Light and Sound

We have a large amount of sound and lighting equipment which comes as part of the bus hire. Once we’ve got a good idea of the type of event and what will be required, we’ll bring the right equipment and set it up as part of the package.

Full disco lighting can be arranged or the bus can be used as an elevated lighting platform for performances on ground level.

Our 1.6k PA speaker system is large enough for some pretty big audiences and we have dedicated additional sound reinforcement options for specific types of music, for example additional bass bins for bass heavy music such as dance music, Reggae and Dub et al and further cabs we can deploy in larger venues so that sound reaches further or around the audience.

Good & Bad Weather

We hope your event will be blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine, but you’ve got to plan for the British weather to let you down. Our open-top double decker bus has a custom cover that we raise to above head height once stationary which keep the wind, rain and if we’re lucky the sun too off of expensive equipment, decorations and the all impotant performers.

What do our customers hire our bus for?

We attend a wide variety of events due to the versatility of our bus. Read on for more ideas and examples